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Have a healthy holiday

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By Jiang Wanjuan

Got plenty of people on the gift list but not sure what Spring Festival present to send? We understand it's important to keep the social network and relationships going during this time and there is much to consider, such as price and value. Now, before you worry too much and suffer from "gift-sending anxiety," the Global Times has selected some ideas that your recipient  will appreciate at least one or two of - so long as he or she is a health-conscience person, that is.

It is not hard to pick a healthy gift, be it a basket of fresh vegetables and fruit that costs no more than 100 yuan ($15.19) or rare herb caterpillar fungus worth more than gold. But it does get harder to impress people with traditional healthy gifts as their health conscience rises. So try some of these trendy, considerate and popular ideas.

Health Check-up

A health check-up makes an excellent gift for someone who works a lot and hasn't developed the habit for having a regular check-up.

The number of young people purchasing general health check-up cards for their parents is on the rise, according to local reports. Doctors suggest different people focus on different options, for example, office employees should be sensitive to their neck and have a spinal check-up for their sedentary lifestyle, and people who dine and drink a lot should be aware of having fatty liver.

Some hospitals and health centers offer different packages for different people during the Spring Festival. For example, a basic package at the popular Ciming Healthy Check starts from less than 500 yuan ($75.95), to a comprehensive package costing 6,000 yuan ($911.40). There are also specially designed check-ups for special groups, such as the stressed and the overworked.

Customers picking gifts at a shopping mall. Photo: CFP

Beauty and fitness cards

Facial cards, teeth-cleaning card, fitness cards and spa memberships are also among one of the trendiest health gifts for people in big cities. They make a great gift for those who want to keep their bodies in shape and stay good looking.

Going to a spa or fitness center with friends also ensure time to chat and catch up. Some gyms also have yoga and dancing classes that the other half may be interested in; do not hesitate to ask! It is also important to make sure the location of the gym is convenient for that person.

Reasonable gyms in China such as Nirvana Fitness & Spa and Hosafitness offer membership card for one year from 800 yuan ($121.52).


A pedometer is an excellent gift for someone who needs help to keep themselves motivated in a fitness plan - either a new mum, an overweight youngster, old people who just want to count their daily steps, or those girls who never feel slim enough!

Originally used in sports, the pedometer is becoming more and more a fact of people's daily lives as a motivational gadget and the functions can vary to fit different needs. Often worn on the belt or clipped to your shoe, some pedometers can record steps, aerobic steps, calories as well as fat-grams burned, and some even store and track exercise activity for years.

Giving the gift of health is never a bad idea, plus a pedometer will not cost a fortune. Getting a step-count-only pedometer retails at only 26 yuan ($3.95) on, or a comprehensive one at will set you back around 100 yuan with many options.

According to Zhou Jian, a nutrition professor with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, office people should aim for at least 10,000 steps, or five miles, per day to maintain an active lifestyle.

Massage chair

Massage chair, foot spa tub

Everybody wants some luxury to enjoy after a hard day, and a massage chair can provide untold hours of relaxation without going out in the cold.

It used to be a popular gift on Mother's Day, but people also started to buy massage chairs for themselves to practically take care of aches and pains after work.

The massage chair is a special gift and will be appreciated for a long time indeed, but it does not come cheap at all.

There are many different ones on the market today, from simple seats that can massage the neck and back to a foldable chair that can massage the whole body. The price of a massage chair ranges from 500 to 4,000 yuan ($607.60) on Amazon, and more luxurious ones are available on

Too much cash? Try a foot spa tub, which can promote blood circulation and is more affordable. It allows people to soak their feet in warm water for a long time and provide simple heel massages at the same time. It is a popular gift for parents and young girls who always suffer from cold hands and cold feet in winter. A decent foot spa tub can be purchased within the 500- yuan mark.

Air purifier

An air purifier that helps get rid of toxic chemicals in the air is welcomed by people who enjoy quality of life, especially in  the polluted downtown.

A domestic Chinese-brand air purifier will cost from 1,000-3,000 yuan ($151.90-455.70), and a professional IQAir purifier as much as 10,000 yuan ($1,519). But fortunately, different sizes of air purifiers are now available. A Philips car purifier is sold at around 2,000 yuan ($303.80) while other brands are available within just a few hundred.

For budget plans, there are also USB air purifiers that cost less than 100 yuan. It is preferred by office girls and people who have to sit in front of the computer for long hours.

Air humidifiers are popular in Northern China, especially during the dry winter. USB and professional ones are both available with all the price options in electronic stores on the Internet.

foot spa tub

Health magazine and book

For the person who has everything, more health magazines and cookbooks are never too much.

Health books, from cooking, massage, to herb medicine, have always been bestsellers in Chinese stores, especially in recent years. Buying someone books makes you a considerate person, especially if you find the right one that may help solve that person's problem. Spending time to cook and discuss recipes is also a good way to keep a close friendship or a mother-daughter relationship.

A subscription to a health magazine is also another good option. Plus it reminds the other person of you every time a new issue of the magazine arrives: that's a win-win!


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